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Certified. OG. Corleone without a Brioni. Scarface with Machiavelli for a friend.

Goku without the appetite. Liquid assets on a Saturday night.

Ocean swim, salt for the wounds, and the taste. Mindset in a shot glass. Ice baths. I’m the prize, confidence at last.

Character on sale, get it while it lasts.

Autists sipping Cosmos, cocktails of red pills. Alphas half-asleep in bedrooms, hungover from born skills.

Affiliate links to pay for her drinks as she talks about the last guy that didn’t pay for her drink.

eBooks for beta bucks, dominance on a postcard, turn to page four to act like you give no fucks.

Escape average. Tide lifts all ships, until the coast gets hit. Villages with harems evac gurus to Thailand to get their valuables checked.

IQs tattooed like cut-here lines on the back of their necks, reading the Prince, waiting for her reply to your text.

A law for each hour of the weekend wasted in haste to play jester for a Tinder date, for a screenshot to prove to reddit your HB8.

Stoic online as if the Pope can’t simply tweet that he prays when he shares that hypergamy is no bogeyman for every woman that never thought to care.

Men become memes, unblock to hold frame and take aim before going private to show their privates are as absent as their skin in the game.

Peacocking, gold braces, contrast collar. Seducing the first is an entrée.

Gordon Gecko, cold-blooded by nature.

Second girl in the second room. Say nothing. Do everything.

Pinned down in the street by four men after the bottle struck the head of your friend.

No machismo. Blood gushing, people rushing. Fast talking.

Climbing over hedges, blue light painting the fences.

Watching every word, weapons in hand in a rival’s land. Walking a fine line between respect and threat.

Tumblr virgins and English clit majors. Put me in a Bell jar and say loquacious again while you remove my skirt.

Sweating in the backseat, boyfriend at home blowing up the phone. Meeting two girls and telling the second to leave.

Tickets to VIP event, blazer and a silk neck. Slim outshines with pochette and a red dress.

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