That, is what they seek. To impose upon you, their debauched means. To wrestle the liberty from your clutches, to modify your perception. The obligation that you feel, an installation of a nefarious entity. As a courageous man said, most will not make it.

We of course, have no choice. We are respecting of a greater force, something named, or ineffable, it is of no importance. Whether the embodiment proceeds, or the conduit manifests, there is a resilient knowing to the stoked fires of rebellion.

Time was a solitary dimension, but we gave it its due. Learned all there was to be found in the absent milieu and that emboldened us further, to enquire upon the nodes and a galactic order. They will certainly not win, because to banish a spirit, is to first let it in.

Not the mountains of a swell, or the waves in my dreams, have the requisite force to stop me, or my deeds. I’m answering the voice with my own, I’m seeding the world with potential, and this instrument of mine rings out instrumental.

I honour the path I laid out for myself. A young man, looking out to a decade of ache, so I could speak to you now, without sweat or refrain, on a wandering plane. Reaching out to you all, through less visible ways, until the spirit of us all, casts truth on the days.

So speak in honest regard to what you know to be true, and fight tooth and nail against the ensuing corruption. Your fight may not come, but the courage traverses. You may have felt yourself change, perusing these verses, because I’m one of the best, at defying the odds.

I press on when I must, for my seat with the Gods.

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