En Garde



The statement made. I’ve seen the truth. The bashful glance to the side, hiding in plain sight. Smiling free, but no Mona Lisa. Laid back, taking it all in. Never expecting to be seen, duck-egg blue adorns the dark horse, with her conditioned sheen.

I took a mace to proceedings and you soon caught wind —do you need an excuse? I’ll hammer it home, sipping ultra violet, and penetrate the core if it suits. I’ll kept it brief. An attache case without the hidden knife. I knew better, with your forensic eyes.

It was a crime scene. Murder most foul, but I didn’t kick a bucket. You were the outline, first on the list, hoping to disguise your various crmes. It’s not my first rodeo, and I’ve been back in the saddle. Calculating more than your formulae, can you match my every move?

You’re in awe, I know. You can’t help but look up. You unveiled the dashboard but spared the confessional, but it spoke for you, white lies in the spark lines. I’ve got the measure of you. You’re soft, and I’m where I’m at my most powerful.

Place your chips on the table. Try your luck, pick a card. Play for a stalemate or take out your sword. Take on the King, march out your pawns, It’s a game ma cherie, and I’m screaming en garde, as I break down your walls, cast my steel to the forge, take on the light from a star and return as a lord.

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