Evergreen Whispers



Lash out at the R drive, defragment again. Torturous escapologist, left the tank in in the den. I could not muster luck, for a busted friend, that’s the wanderlust. The dawning end.

Sautéed vegetables, steamed in evergreen. There’s life outside the porthole if the iceberg leapt out at me. Made a nest, wrestled breath, in the allegory. Sparkling veil.

So here we are again, Kele utters in secret. When the chords hit the first time, the choir breaks down weeping. Seize the day, take command, let the apple fall. Watch and learn.

Too much storied left unspoken, not enough knack for the image. Left unhurried by the fateful impasse of my courage, I speak in hushed syllables, trammelled with honest terms. She’s all gone.

The haunting spines of the Rorschach forest and the ash-scattered ruins, barked louder than the wolves, from the call of someone wounded. Left alone, I let out but these simple words.

And yet, the mad titan lingers as does the promise of my calling, and I need no ad, for it sells its own venture in the falling. Wake up late, watch the world move on, it’s undone.

Take a minute for the silence, if that fateful bliss proves elusive. If it finds its way home make sure not to refuse it. The sparkling souls of a whispered epiphany.

Here we go.

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