If You Can See



If you can see, it is on you to act. Your observations must prove. It is not easy. I grant you this. You will suffer for it. People will rebel, thrash against your notions, target your individual capacities. They will cast falsehoods, censure and criticise your motives.

You must hold fast, like a beleaguered captain on unforgiving tides stood steadfast to the spot with clenched fists on a wavering wheel. Ahead is the only path forwards, for all else is degrees of cowardice. The root of honour is preserving the sanctity of a man’s spirit.

Though sometimes the sight arrives too late and the battle is already lost. Where sailing into the unknown reveals ruin and wreckage, be the example for those navigating treacherous waters. Survivors will remember the tumult of conflict, the agony of awakening, and know in future to give no quarter.

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