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sorry, no capitals, the only capital i like comes via cashapp. the phone keyboard isn’t the master of me. i don’t believe in proper sentences. i put myself on show for empowerment. i went from selfies to venmo but i think capitalism is messed up

nobody needs to be a billionaire. i mean, why do you want all that money? i don’t get it, but i’m top 2% on onlyfans because i create positive content. i rarely say what i mean, it’s cute. no man can pin me down, but i just love intelligent guys. i think they call it a sapiosexual ?

i don’t hate myself, i am just self-deprecating for you guys. so, i’m like, relatable. pay me because i’m a princess. my therapist helps me with self-care. i told him he could be an affiliate. he didn’t find it funny. just took another selfie.

messy hair don’t care

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