No Insights



I have nothing to produce. I have no insights. Speaking is for those not willing to listen. Insights are for those who have only their thoughts. What happened to delivering value? You might as well ask me, what happened to value?

Value is delivered like a take-out app, simply login. Select from the menu, would you like some armchair behavioural analysis? It arrives on time, but lukewarm and the taste doesn’t fulfil, but it satisfies, for now. You paid, and you must justify the selection.

The persistent dogma of protecting those that deliver “value” is the veiled emotional attachment that belies the pursuance of reason, hence relatable, flawed figures are often the least described in this fashion, as they provide a relationship, a far more exclusive property, which requires an acceptance of fallibility.

Value is a cheat-sheet for knowledge, a simulacrum of learning. The content classed as value is often forgettable or impossible to implement, becoming lost in a sea of value, a never-ending stream of value. If there is an individual that can organise a continuum of data, I should like to meet them.

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