One Thing a Man Always Keeps



Sometimes I ask myself, ‘why am I alive?’. I think we all do from time to time. I never do so because I feel lacking. I do it because I am much more than my own expectations with each day that passes. I do it because as in Robbie Williams’ ‘Feel’, there’s so much “life to give”.

I hope you feel like I do. Pride, like the redoubtable Vegeta. A blistering fire of self-esteem roars within. I never thought I would experience this imbued purpose. The feeling always seemed a gateway to an indefensible arrogance. But here I am, after all.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Others mistook my faith in a process for indolence and my patience for hesitation. They saw nor the watchful trust in the elements, nor the belief in the emergent potential. I’ve had doubters all of my life. “He’s gifted, but…”. Verdicts that should never have passed to the larynx.

I am not the type to pass judgment. Growth allows the natural world to be itself. This is the root of self-expression. You cannot close your fist on the Earth and also freely move through it. The humility to proceed in organic development will elude you.

Counting bucks, the hunter eats what he kills. A freezing cold beer after a day in the yard tastes better than the ads. The first cause for a man is exertion. His qualifier is strength. In this eternal tension contains the seed of pride. Not the sin, but its service.

Do not quit even when you are lost. The sun announces your efforts. You’re a man.

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