Reach Out



Have you spoke to people lately? Not the people you know. The people you would like to know. It might be difficult, and I’d like to tell you why that might be so.

2020 is not the end of days, but it is a year of suspended perception. This has caused an almighty drain on us all. We are having to dedicate a lot of resources to stay in the game.

It is a year of tearing up the script, boarding up the windows of old homes, turning the station over from the news and looking outside the window to see what endures past the tensions and dramas stirred in the new forums.

Collectively we are closed books, and writing away in private. We duly hope we can open a new chapter soon and show the world ourselves, but we don’t know when that will be. Together we experience the malaise and feel a lingering sense of fear and uncertainty.

Giving into fear is tempting, because it offers you a seat in the group raffle. You can win the right to be heard, if you rage against the machine. But rage weakens your resolve, it makes you reactive, it shows that they can push a button, and you can jump. Whoever they are.

People are stretched beyond normal conception. They don’t know what to think, they support ideals and causes that only asked for compliance. They had neither the will nor volition to ask why. Others are frazzled, screaming into a void, hoping to be heard.

Some of us have been cooped up so long we forgot self-sufficiency isn’t social ignorance, and that is a problem. We don’t take the time to appreciate a dialogue because we keep asking on some level, what’s in it for me?

You can be the difference. A light in the dark. Even when people have barricaded the door to themselves like a defiant Hodor. It’s not going to be welcome but give it a try, because it’s what being a human is all about. The potential of connection.

  1. Joao

    It’s so exhausting to see our natural curiosity turn our heads towards all the complexity and sense of doom of our current world. That sense that you are on your own,a sense that turns news of other’s success into dread that you’re constantly missing the train.

    I really wish not to have this constant undertone of needing to be making moves, as if being interested in the world is not enough.

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