I love you, like everyone should know how. Need not and want for nought, but a simmering warmth exists, even if it’s on my side. I will be here, and that’s all a man can be. Thank you too, to the world beneath my feet and the paper that has long been neglected, I’ve found the ballpoint again.

A challenge forced me back, back to where I belong. It’s as if everything was there, waiting, but the combination lock demanded a decade, but the tumbler is undone, or the doors are slowly opening, one by one. I know I’ve been sick of this year, but I didn’t have a graphics tablet.

There was something in Her. It’s not what you think, perhaps it’s not about who we meet, but who we are when we meet, that seals the deal and proposes the eternity. I cleaned up my contacts last night, and one set of digits belonged to the dead. It was surreal, but it mattered.

That’s the allure of the digital that we forget, that in the unthinking assignment of an identifier, we make something human live forever, she is part of a legacy, but the next person doesn’t know it. In that moment, I deleted it without a second thought, because it’s what it expects.

I never said, but she called me to say goodbye. We both said I love you, like we only had one take for a lifetime. When she let me go, I let her go, and we closed a chapter. Maybe I needed that, because I’ve been living differently. As if it does, in fact, matter.

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