The Beginning of the End



If you have read about the trials, then the tribulations are all too clear. I have been through a gauntlet, a horde mode. Wave after wave of adversaries, bearing down on me. After a week of intense physical symptoms, I am clear of a psychic burden.

It repeated on me, as if the enormity of the spiritual pain was such that it needed to find an outlet. In true unconscious fashion, it emerged as headaches, cold symptoms, pressure around the jaw and then a gumline infection. Morale was high though, I know the tricks now.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen daylight. Bruce does spend a long time in the night, or in a cave, but he needs to be seen. We all do. I’m making a change, that would have felt regressive in the past. It is in fact the only move. I am in zugzwang.

It is time to consolidate, to see what’s possible through force of will. Such is the necessity of a burdensome climate. I’ve let enough go to see space in front, and I’m filling that with what I and others need. The returns are due and I’m calling to collect.

The future is incomplete. I await it, earnest and prepared. The surrender makes way for immersion, and she just might reach her hand out when she sees her vitality is in danger. I will be there, like I will be there for all, for the submerged truth in a submarine veteran.

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