The Earth and Heavens



Better than I was and nothing but what I am. I hope I can break through to the other side. Find the nest in which I reside. There is no through-road save for the one I make. Brunel and a blueprint as I dance on the rails. Put an end to this. Do it before I had a chance to let go of the reins.

Tell me about the heroes. Not those who sought the fame. The quest imposed when Excalibur called for my name. An ancient world beckons in a tempered scene between pastoral interludes and augmented games. Say that you are in love as the movie skips the frames.

There’s not long to go. Winter raises the crowds. The final thud of a clamorous tongue presses upon a tilted house. I’m here to do what I must as Kenobi stood aghast, I’m stunned as I stutter my pen through the lust. Poetic again for a hopeless riposte. I’m out in the cold no scarf for a frost.

A blank page remarks on a spectral phase. Here in the moment but tossed out for the page and I’m asking again what more will it take. Have I not conquered the urge in my haste? I fear I endure an unresolvable fate. I am screaming aloud and my lungs give out, I cough at the end of a crackling sound.

I want it all to end or start over again. I stoked the fires of a world held in suspense and find no means to match its ascent. Try as I might my cries are unheard. The pain echoes into the night undeterred. The tortured constant reveals my endurance and the gram of mistrust tests all my forebearance.

I’ve driven at the heart with the feverish thrust and told all I could while remaining just. What more can I do but feign to exist, what else is there but the tormenting gift? I’ll write the future out loud for all. I’ll tell you in clear terms that I’ll never stall. The star is reflected as I never give up on the streak of a comet pursuing its course.

He’s the earth and heavens to you. The anomalous one. That battled the risks and eventually won. Not what was expected but what was required. I’d stop being great if I ever got tired. At the steps to the gates the announcer reveals that I bought all my time when I duelled with the fates.

What path will it take — is the destiny fake? Am I caught with the grail between two razor blades? The ashen void of a liminal space with the heart of a soul trapped in a state. I can do it all and reinvigorate. The world is anew for those with a taste, for the betterment of man in lieu of escape.

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