Try Your Hand



Tell her that you love to love her. Show her, if it’s real. Some words work for the wandering night, but not the weary morning. Mourning how it started is a sour end to a sweet thing, so fair warning.

I have met beautiful women, I have given them a fair shake and left shaken. My emotions stirred, bonds broken. I’ve danced into the moonlight. No sonata, no cold open. Roll the dice and place your token.

I kissed one and then looked to the second. I didn’t know where I was, nor cared. What was in my drink? Come to think of it, I didn’t even have a bedpost. I pray when I say the word notch, it’s not the Ender Dragon you slay.

There’s nothing hot about Netflix and chill. Be honest. Tell her it’s her curves, it’s the look in her eyes. It’s the feeling of her neck brushed with the cool air of your breath. Girls like stories, anticipation, the thought of it all. the silver screen, leading man, the timeless thrall.

Let your heart ache, that’s what it is there for. If it hurts, it is real, it’s worth remembering. No mere visual trophy to hang on an imaginary wall. I remember the times I sat opposite a girl I didn’t understand, but all I could think about was learning. It wasn’t a dress rehearsal I just looked the part.

There were more times I didn’t, than the times I did. That’s the mark of a man. Don’t fret over who deserves your attention; who warrants your restraint? She grasped my hand and led me through a crowd of drunken molasses. I barely kept up. I never called her. She needed it too much.

Watch out for the English majors, the literature girls. They know a thing a two. Eager to write their own tale. I am not telling you to be the dirtbag she won’t forget, but she’ll immortalise you in the future if you are. He skipped school, had a scar and held me down by the throat.

Have you ever walked past a girl’s boyfriend like it was a shift change? I wonder if he knows. I wonder if she told him. It’s easy. Get the heart racing and the blood pumping, Darwin will take the wheel. He always does. I just hope you like the destination.

Turn up at the posh girl’s house, interrupt the Cluedo and Pimm’s cups with popped collars and cheap vodka. We did it so you can do it. I never even had a Tamagotchi.

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