Venus found the sun and I found myself. She aided in my ascendancy. As Freddie would say: “don’t stop me now, cos I’m having a good time.”. I’m not holding onto ethereal might. I have readied my veins and they’re supercharged.

She may be gaseous but I’m on solid ground. She entered my first and emerged the recursive. From the coveted touch of a girl in need, indeed. Helios will find her soon and then it will all break loose.

I need the solar blast of ecstatic release. The ambient pride of a monstrous reprieve lingering as Tantalus picks from nought but the available leaves. They told me I couldn’t sing and they laughed when I could dance. I keep going, photonic Panzer wandering free.

Pearlescent crescent, marshalled rays with the strident dawn. Their Father speaks to me as it finds a waiting sea. Like I’m mixed up in a cage of wicker and glee, the light and life beats down on me.

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